Policy Statements/Clarifications Adopted by BoD


November 2016 - Section D.4 Negligence of our Rules and Regulations were amended to make it explicit that owners may be billed for the cost to STCA of negligent acts resulting in excess costs (e.g. utility expenses) even when no physical damage was involved. See updated Rules and Regulations Section D.4 for the wording of the amended rule at: Rules and Regs.


April 2016 - Technical Specifications for Remodeling. The BoD approved the replacement of an old, obsolete (1992) set of Technical Specifications for Remodeling and replaced them with a new document. In addition to general guidelines, the new Technical Specifications focus on Lanai Shutters (to protect structural concrete) and Floor Coverings (to limit noise conduction). The Rules and Regulations were also amended to mandate the adherence to these Technical Specifications for all remodeling. The Technical Specifications of April 2016 can be found at: Technical Specifications.


April 2016 - Screen Replacement Policy. A further clarification of the Association policy regarding replacement of screens, which is consistent with existing condo docs, was approved by the BoD. The updated policy is intended to make it easier and quicker for owners to get reimbursible screen replacements. You may view this policy statement at: Screen Replacement Policy.


June 2015 - the following resolution concerning Hard-Flooring was adopted at a Special Meeting of Owners on June 4: "Be it resolved that we the owners believe that a properly-installed Proflex 90 system provides an adequate sound-barrier underlayment for hard flooring (tile or wood); and therefore we direct our Associationís Board of Directors to approve all future requests for such installations in the Living/Dining area of Strandview units." Note that this resolution does NOT change our condo docs; BoD permission is still required for the installation of hard flooring. Also, even though Proflex 90 is reputed to be the best underlayment available at this date; the Board will be open to the approval of other ... better ... underlayment systems if and when they become available. Additional clarification can be found in the Technical Specifications of April 2016 at: Technical Specifications.


February 2015 - Our Association Rules and Regulations were amended to prohibit smoking in all Common Areas and all Limited Common Elements, including the lanais. A sign was installed in the elevator to make everyone entering the building aware of this expanded smoking prohibition. See Rules and Regulations Section E.8 for the wording of the new rule. The assistance of all owners is requested in reminding their renters, guests, and contractors that "going down to the parking lot for a smoke" is no longer an option. BTW -- Newton Park next door does not restrict outdoor smoking.


February 2015 - STCA Responsibility for Repairs within a Unit. Florida law makes condo associations and/or their insurers responsible for many repairs or necessary replacements of items within a unit as such property was initially installed. There are many exclusions, such as built-in cabinets and counter-tops, but drywall (the most frequent item at issue) is not excluded. This is the law, regardless if condo documents state otherwise. A clarification states that "the association is only responsible to repair damaged items if the damage was caused by an insurable event." Insurable events are things that take place suddenly like storms and broken pipes ... unlike slow leaks, growth of mold over time, or any form of negligence. In the event of such a claim for an insurable event, the association must be notified prior to any repair, and be permitted to participate in contractor selection and oversight. Responsibility for repairs or replacement of items damaged by non-insurable causes is determined in accordance with sections 9.1 and 9.2 of our Declaration of Condominium.


March 2012 - Automobiles Left on Association Property. The existing policy relating to use of parking places was reiterated, and its applicability to owners who wish to leave their automobiles on Association property for extended periods when they are not in residence was confirmed. Autos left during absences of a unit owner must be legally registered, insured, operable, and in the numbered spot designated for that unit. This policy was discussed and reiterated as a result of an unregistered, inoperable vehicle abandoned in our parking area.


November 2011 - Registration of all Renters and Guests. A policy was adopted requiring all owners to provide in advance to our management company the dates that units will be occupied while the owner is not present, and the names of all renters and/or guests occupying the unit during those periods. At the January 2013 BoD meeting further discussion ensued. It was reported by WPM that owners have been cooperative, and that compliance with this requirement has been almost 100%. In response to a question, it was reiterated that relatives of the owner are considered "guests" under this policy.