February 2018. We celebrated the 40th anniversary of our condo community on February 23rd. At the time of our usual Friday evening Cocktails by the Pool thirty owners and friends participated. There was much reminiscing among the many long-term owners present. None of the original owners remain, and unfortunately, our longest-term owners ... Norm and Ginny Schock ... could not be here. But their heart-felt e-mail to their neighbors was read to all present. The longest-term owners at the celebration were Joe and Carolyn Dawson. Also present were Mike and Jo Martin who rented here back in 1979 when the building was practically new ... and many times since. A good time was had by all. See photos from the celebration below.

Strandview 40
Strandview 40 Cake
Strandview 40 Dawson
Strandview 40 Chambre
[L-R] Owners reminiscing; our anniversary cake baked by our neighborhood Publix;
Jim Stevens showing the cake to Joe and Carolyn Dawson ...
STCA President Pete Blanco and wife Ann are in the background;
Andy and Diane Chambre making a point about our community's history.


2018 Budget Approved by BoD

The 2018 budget totalling just short of $160,000 was approved by the Board at their December 2017 Budget Meeting, after its submission to owners for comment as required by Florida law.

Strandview's budget covers anticipated operating expenses, as well as provision for Reserves. We maintain fully-funded reserve accounts for periodic painting and paving, as well as swimming pool and roof upgrades. This year's budget resulted in a small increase ($50 per unit per quarter) in our condo fees ... primarily due to anticipated increases in insurance after a difficult hurricane season nationwide.

Elevator Upgrades and Repairs

The planned summer upgrade to our elevator ... replacement of several major cab components and all the landing doors ... was completed, though it took much longer than anticipated. Hurricane Irma interrupted the work, leaving our contractor with many emergency repairs on and off the island. As a result, the work was not completed until late September.

Less than two months later, we were hit by an emergency elevator repair of our own. Our hydraulic pump motor failed. Most elevator equipment has an expected useful life of 20-25 years. It was original equipment, and so forty years old. Unfortunately, it took almost two weeks to obtain and install the new equipment, and another special assessment to pay for it. With the electronic controls and interior upgrades added about a decade ago, and 2017's replacement of so much operating equipment, virtually all of the elevator has been modernized. Hopefully it will serve us well for decades to come. Here's a big Thank You to those residents inconvenienced by the 2017 repairs.


September 2017: Hurricane Irma hit Florida with all its fury. Fortunately Fort Myers Beach was just west of the "eye of the storm" ... leaving us with a minor storm surge and lower velocity winds. Our building itself withstood Irma with no damage whatsoever ... and the damage to common property was minimal. Such damage was limited to the following: the beach stairs were destroyed; some sod along the seawall was washed out; the scraggly palm near our front entrance was wind-whipped beyond recovery; several exit signs and outdoor lighting fixtures were lost to the wind; and a small piece of rain gutter was blown away. See photos below.

Before Irma
After Irma
The iconic palm grouping (left) that was in place the entire history of our building was replaced by a several lower plantings. The sod along the seawall was replaced, and new beach stairs were built by Al Byerle, Rick Wilson, and Ben Tiezzi.


We have relatively few units in our building that are primarily held for purposes of rental. Historically we have found most renters to be good and interesting neighbors and they and the owners of rental units to be generally observant of our Condo Rules. Unfortunately, recently the rental agent employed by two owners has been repeatedly in violation of several of our rules. These infractions involved unauthorized changes to Common property, violation of our water shut-off rules, and failure to provide mandated renter information. Legally, our Association's recourse is only through the owners of those units ... remember, you are responsible for the acts of your agents, guests, and renters. This situation has been addressed by your Board, and the owners have formally been put on notice of the negligence of their agent and the possible repercussions they face for continued negligence.

In one instance, the main water shut-off was left on by the agent's cleaning personnel in an unoccupied unit. A defective toilet in that unit allowed 50,000 gallons of water to pass directly to the sewer system before the problem was found. That cost our Association about $600 in excess water/sewer expenses, though no physical damage was involved ... meaning it cost each and every one of us about $25. To make it explicit that the unit owner is responsible for such negligent excess costs in the future, even when no physical damage is involved, your BoD amended our Rules and Regulations. Check out the Condo Docs page of this website to view the changes.

So to all owners, consider this incident a reminder and a warning ... shut-off water at the main valve in your unit if the unit will be unoccupied for more than 24 hours. Thank you.


from Front Parking Lot
Our Building from Estero Blvd

Every 7 or 8 years we give our building a really good facelift. The painting was completed in October 2015, and the building looks great ... especially the new sea-green highlights on the Estero Boulevard side. In addition to the obvious ... all necessary concrete structural repairs and paint ... with the concurrence of owners all windows and other openings were recaulked using high-quality materials that are expected to last as long as the paint. Also, first floor service doors were replaced, and all doors were painted with the new sea-green trim color. Though concrete repairs were less extensive than originally thought, seven units were inconvenienced by that work. The structural repairs were done under the supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer. In all seven units, it was necessary to also replace the lanai enclosures and screens.

In anticipation of large expenditures for stuctural concrete work, your Board authorized a Special Assessment to supplement our Painting Reserves, payable in two parts. The first half was paid by our owners, but after the concrete work was completed it was clear that the second half of the assessment would not be required. Therefore the BoD rescinded that part of the assessment. In preparing this year's budget, much of the paid-in assessment was placed in the Painting Reserves fund, allowing us not to have an increase in Common Charges again in 2016. A few thousand dollars was left from the paid-in part of the assessment, and it was decided to use these funds in four areas to complete our beautification efforts.

Many of the building's lighting fixtures on the balconies were approaching their useful lifetime. Rather than repainting the pitted metal bases of the lamps, they were replaced. Thanks to owners who volunteered to install them, as a result the cost of this part of the project was low. It was completed in January. Another piece of the effort concerned lanai screens. The screens of seven units were replaced out of necessity during the concrete repairs. In fairness to all owners, and to improve the uniformity and appearance of the gulfside of our building, lanai screens were replaced for all other owners desiring replacement. This work was completed in February.

The pool area fencing also was reaching it's useful lifetime, with several of the poles badly rusted and unsightly. Before, the fences could be replaced, the gulfside portion was knocked over during a January storm. At our Annual Meeting, owners expressed a preference for replacing the entire pool area fence with similar chain-link fencing. This work was finally completed in March, after a long delay in issuing permits.

Finally, a few minor things are being put off until after the summer. The lighting fixtures under the building and the illuminated "EXIT" signs will be replaced as needed. Also, a few rusted outside lamp posts will be replaced. New umbrellas will be purchased for the tables in the pool area. Lastly, the plastic chairs in the pool area, many of which are getting fragile due to sun exposure, will be replaced.

So that's the whole story. The thanks of all the owners go out to Ben and his committee who oversaw the project, and to the several owners who helped by volunteering their time and skills, and also to those who were incovenienced by the work, especially the concrete repairs. Thank you all!


Hard-Flooring Resolution Approved 16-5
at Special Owner's Meeting

In April 2015, an owner requested permission to install tile floors in their living/dining areas using the Proflex 90 underlayment system. At our April 30 Board meeting, after considerable discussion of the pros and cons of hard flooring and this product, including the testing and installation issues that relate to it, the Board voted 3-2 to reject the request. The unit owner decided to take the issue directly to all the owners, and did so by calling a Special Meeting of Owners as permitted by our Association By-Laws. That meeting was held on June 4, with most of the members participating by proxy, and was limited to the single issue of this resolution:

Be it resolved that we the owners believe that a properly-installed Proflex 90 system provides an adequate sound-barrier underlayment for hard flooring (tile or wood); and therefore we direct our Associationís Board of Directors to approve all future requests for such installations in the Living/Dining area of Strandview units.

The resolution was approved by a vote of 16-5, with one invalid vote and two owners not voting.

Hard-Flooring Status

Three units added tile flooring to their living/dining areas with the approval of the Board during the summer of 2015. All used the Proflex 90 underlayment system, and each was installed by a different contractor. The units involved are 303, 401, and 501. [Unit 704 has tile floors installed prior to the underlay requirement.] Everyone who has seen the newly installed tile floors says they look great, and they certainly add to property values. In the autumn of 2017, unit 702 (with the approval of the Board) installed a laminate floor in their living/dining area using an underlayment appropriate for a "floating floor" but with similar sound deadening characteristics to Proflex 90. To date, the noise concerns from all of these installations have been negligible, and all underlayments seem to be an effective a sound barrier.

Your Board emphasizes that the Owners' Resolution does not change our Condo Docs, and that permission is still required for installation of hard-flooring, as it is for other major renovations. Unit owners remain totally responsible for all renovations made to their unit and for any issues that may later arise relating to those renovations, whether or not the changes necessitate Board approval. As noted elsewhere, the BoD approved new Technical Specifications and amended the Rules and Regulations to mandate their use for all remodeling. These specifications have a section on all floor coverings, including "hard flooring."

Beach Raking Instituted

You may have noticed that a non-native, thorny. invasive weed took hold on our beach recently. For everyone' safety and enjoyment of the beach, as well as the apppearance of our surroundings, the Board authorized a month-to-month contract for beach raking. The raking will occur twice a month and is guaranteed to maintain our beach in pristine condition, as shown here after the first raking in December 2014.

Enjoy the warm, fresh air of the Gulf Coast.

All Common Areas of
are now
Smoke Free!

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Summer in Paradise
New Seawall for Newton Park

Early this year a major construction project was going on next door at Newton Park. The park's seawall was damaged in the same storm that damaged ours. But, the town opted for a complete replacement, rather than just repairing the damaged cap. The project is now complete, and Newton Park has become a pristine and popular mid-island attraction, with outstanding beach handicap-access facilities. Seen above are Ben and Frank at the corner of our property "supervising" the installation of the last seawall segment.